If water is life why people living in far flung areas have no access to this basic need. Advertisements

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Decision Advantage

Successful projects need accurate information in space and time. According to Todd S. Bacastow from The University of Pennsylvania  “GEOINT is more than just analysts working with GIS in a secure intelligence facility. We have gone from mountains of hardcopy maps to amazing automated systems that provide previously unavailable understanding. GEOINT helps us daily with […]

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Intelligence Failure

Present chaotic situation on global screen demands considerations of political, academia and military leaders of today’s world.Advanced and backward nations are at war with narcotics Mafia and terrorist organizations. In last 70 years west feared Nazis, Soviets and communists and now from ISIS. Why because governments blindly trusted each other on defective governance model in […]

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In short we can call it GEOINT. The course is available online for free. Satellite imagery provides information that can be processed and used for successful mega projects. The course consists of videos by renowned specialists and university professors. I joined the course today and hope I shall complete it. If one knows English language […]


My story as an investigator

My story is fight with Mafias that ruled Pakistan since day one. I left Dera College as a student of BSc. and joined Islamia College Peshawar in 1970, passed B.A. and joined M.A. English at Peshawar University. In 1973 applied for a job of Field Investigating officer with ministry of interior. After training with Police […]

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Iranian Connections

High times for Iranian drugs mafia By Matthew C DuPee and Ahmad Waheed Southwest Asia’s robust illicit-narcotics industry is usually associated with Afghanistan, a narco-producing empire responsible for supplying 90% of the global supply of illegal opiates. Additionally, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) recently crowned Afghanistan the largest global producer of […]

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