Facebook’s European Privacy Class Action Hearing Set For April 9

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Baking the cake

A chef has a request to bake a carrot cake. The carrots were previously picked from the ground, cleaned, packaged, and transported to the grocery store. The carrots are purchased by a chef at the store to be shredded, mixed with other ingredients, and baked into the cake. The carrots could also be sliced for a salad. It is the chef’s knowledge, skill, and wisdom that determines how well the ingredients are made into a cake.

The analogy is that GEOINT data are previously collected (picked), inconsistencies removed (cleaned), structured (packaged), and distributed (transported). The analyst acquires the data from a warehouse (grocery store), subsets the data (shreds the carrots), and combines (mixes) it with other information to create insights (the cake). The same data might be used for other analytic purposes (making a salad). It is the analyst’s (bakers) knowledge, skill, and wisdom that determines how well the information are converted into insights.


Decision Advantage

Successful projects need accurate information in space and time. According to Todd S. Bacastow from The University of Pennsylvania  “GEOINT is more than just analysts working with GIS in a secure intelligence facility. We have gone from mountains of hardcopy maps to amazing automated systems that provide previously unavailable understanding. GEOINT helps us daily with real-time apps to guide decision making. GEOINT combines geographic information science and technologies with an analytic tradecraft. In this course you will experience the value of GEOINT. You will learn how to design and execute a geospatial analysis project using GEOINT tools and tradecraft. The course is designed for the individual who wants to learn the basics of GEOINT and it is not designed for the geospatial intelligence professional. We’re eager to welcome you to the Revolution.”  I have attended his first lecture online and am really impressed with this university. Let poor communities enjoy fruits of space sciences, if we want to keep science and technology in right directions.

Intelligence Failure

Present chaotic situation on global screen demands considerations on political, academia and military leaders of today’s world.Advanced and backward nations are at war with narcotics Mafia and terrorist organizations. In last 70 years west feared Nazis, Soviets and communists and now from ISIS. Why because governments blindly trusted each other on defective governance model in 80% of the word population. Secret Services were merely ghosts chasing black cat in a dark room. American forefathers had a foresight and their educational and political system produced decent leaders who emphasized on freedom and liberty of men and women on earth. Why USA and Europe is freaking before terrorists and narcotics Mafia? Simply because its secret services could not produce actionable intelligence information before their policy makers.

Geospatial intelligence can fill the gap. It’s right time entire globe is probed and trouble makers are identified so that justice is done to peaceful people in this world by punishing criminals according to their commissions and omissions.


In short we can call it GEOINT. The course is available online for free. Satellite imagery provides information that can be processed and used for successful mega projects. The course consists of videos by renowned specialists and university professors. I joined the course today and hope I shall complete it. If one knows English language and is familiar with space sciences, the course is not difficult. The problem is with poor countries like Pakistan where the leaders don’t understand the importance of GEOINT. Defence departments of such countries create hurdles in the smooth flow of technology from advanced countries to poor countries. As a matter of fact terrorism can be encountered by its application like drones.