Intelligence Failure

Present chaotic situation on global screen demands considerations of political, academia and military leaders of today’s world.Advanced and backward nations are at war with narcotics Mafia and terrorist organizations. In last 70 years west feared Nazis, Soviets and communists and now from ISIS. Why because governments blindly trusted each other on defective governance model in 80% of the word population. Secret Services were merely ghosts chasing black cat in a dark room. American forefathers had a foresight and their educational and political system produced decent leaders who emphasized on freedom and liberty of men and women on earth. Why USA and Europe is freaking before terrorists and narcotics Mafia? Simply because its secret services could not produce actionable intelligence information before their policy makers.

Geospatial intelligence can fill the gap. It’s right time entire globe is probed and trouble makers are identified so that justice is done to peaceful people in this world by punishing criminals according to their commissions and omissions.


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