My story as an investigator

My story is fight with Mafias that ruled Pakistan since day one. I left Dera College as a student of BSc. and joined Islamia College Peshawar in 1970, passed B.A. and joined M.A. English at Peshawar University. In 1973 applied for a job of Field Investigating officer with ministry of interior. After training with Police at Hangu and with Drug Enforcement Administration at Sehala, I was given an assignment to collect record of narcotics cases with police stations of Dera Ismail Khan District. I did it well despite 101 troubles. I produced a report to my Regional Director; an ex -police officer about my observations that most of the narcotics dealers in this district were from Shiite community and about my suspicion that certain Manzoor Hussain, a pawn shop owner in Bazar Kalan in Dera City was involved in the business. Mr. Sijad Hussain who was on deputation from Excise Department didn’t like my report and started a wicked campaign against me. He persuaded R.D. to terminate my services. Termination letter was signed and was about to be posted to D.G. Islamabad. Stenographer told me the story and wanted me to do something about it. This information disturbed me indeed. I left the office and while I was on road a US flagged stopped by my side and some American wanted to know the location of ant- narcotics force office. Suddenly an idea struck me and I told him to accompany him to the office. He agreed. With him I entered the office where everyone was present to receive him as a chief guest. They were awed when they saw me with this American. I said good bye to him and came home. Next day that stenographer told me that my termination letter was torn in to pieces.


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