Farmer’s Training in KPK Pakistan

SDAWP conducted Farmer’s Training in Kulach, Gara Mohabat, Gara Jehan Khan and Potah. We installed five bio-sand filter systems in these communities.

Pakistan Water Partnership is appreciated for arranging this fund to support stakeholders suffering in the absence of IWRM and due to manifestations of Climatic Change that played havoc with their lives in command area of Southern Districts Area Water Partnership that stretches to seven districts and Waziristans of Khyber PukhtunKhwa, in Pakistan.  There are huge water resources but most of the region is thirsty.  There is no water to drink and no water for agriculture. SDAWP conducted awareness campaigns and 2 days farmer’s training in typically water scarce communities, the tail areas of Gomal Dam. We selected Gara Muhabat, Gara Jehan Khan, Kulachi and Potah. It was an extremely interesting experience to mix up with farmers and know their problems. Everyone needs help; financial, technical, education and health. Poverty prevails.  Educated and half educated youth is jobless. Government is absent and media is afraid of terrorists. Good thing is that roads are being built to connect the area with Afghanistan and beyond and hope we shall bring Integrated Water Resource Management and help people fight against Climatic Changes and reduce poverty.  Topics of the training were innovative irrigation technologies and efficient rain water harvesting technologies.


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